The Top Edge Story

A prospective client recently asked me – “tell me about yourself, how did you come to be an Accountant, and do what you do?” It got me thinking – what is the Top Edge story?

Once upon a time I was an impressionable youngster with an interest in numbers and sports, and not much else! In many ways, not much has changed.

The problem was, like many, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. This remained the case after I finished at Uni with a Business Degree, so I took a job as an Office Manager for a local importer/distributor. I was the in-house accountant, marketer and more. The role was great, as it enabled me to really understand how a small organisation operates across all areas.

After a 6-month stint in the UK playing cricket, I eventually committed to becoming a Chartered Accountant. This led to a 3-year journey working in the Audit division for mid-tier Accounting and Advisory firm BDO. It was here that I completed my exams and became a fully qualified Chartered Accountant in 2017.

During this time, I was fortunate enough to gain exposure to several industries, including manufacturing, retail, not-for-profit and more. I’m not quite sure why, but I really clicked with the non-profit sector. Something drew me to the varying causes and the constant stories of organisations trying to operate in an ever-increasing business-like world, without necessarily having the same resources and mindset. Perhaps it was because I was Treasurer of my local cricket club.

From here, I relocated to the UK, this time for 18 months. My qualifications enabled me to work as a Management Accountant for a manufacturing firm, drilling into the numbers and explaining them to the Directors. Of course, cricket (and this time travel) were also a big driver.

Upon my return to NZ, I was at a crossroads.  I eventually decided the charitable space was where I wanted to be, so I did 2 things. I took a role as a Finance Manager at an established Charity, and at the same time I incorporated an Accounting firm of my own and began contracting to a local practice, managing a handful of clients. After 2 years of this, Top Edge Advisory obtained its Certificate of Public Practice in early 2020. Once this happened, I branched out and began building a client base of my own.

I can truly say that this is where I want to be – adding value to organisations that need it, but just don’t quite have the need, desire or budget to hire an Accountant of their own.

And that’s it – the Top Edge story!

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