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Charitable Trust

Trusts Act 2019

The Trusts Act 2019 came into effect at the end of January. If your organisation is a Charitable Trust, this means you are captured by the new act! Main impacts of the act relate to Trust rules. Trustees need to know the contents of Trust rules, and to ensure that the Trusts activities are carried …

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Xero tips and tricks

Here at Top Edge, we’re big fans of Xero. To illustrate why, we’ve collated numerous Xero tips and tricks that will save you time, and in some cases money! Xero is great for not for profit organisations for many reasons. Many NFP’s don’t have a fixed office space or have a ‘jack of all trades’ …

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What is not for profit

What is not for profit?

We’ve all seen the statistics around the not for profit sector in NZ: Contributions of over $8 billion towards NZ’s GDP – equating to just under 3%! More than 150,000 employees Over 115,000 organisations You might have heard terms like – for purpose, non-governmental organisation, public sector, public benefit entity and more. But what is …

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Impacts of the pandemic

Impacts of the pandemic

The events of 2020, notably the pandemic and the resulting lockdown, have impacted industries and organisations up and down the country. The charitable/not-for-profit sector is no different. It has been incredibly positive to see the sector band together in response to the impacts of the pandemic, with the not-for-profit special interest group presentations made available …

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