New year – Same Challenges

By now most of us will have returned from our summer holidays, memories of trips to the beach fading fast as soon as outlook is opened. You might quickly find that despite it being a new year, you encounter the same challenges from the past. New year – same challenges.

  • Hopefully you’ve returned refreshed, but if not then some of the below could invigorate your organisation!
  • Re-start or re-visit that project to change your database or accounting software. Perhaps that upgrade to the cloud is long overdue, why not let the new year kickstart things! 
  • If early on in the year is quieter than normal, then look into updating policies and procedures, systems and processes, or anything else that could improve the way you do things 
  • Review your service providers. Ask yourself, are you getting value from your insurance provider, auditor, accountant, lawyer, or anyone else you engage in your course of business. Could they be doing more? Are they too expensive? Do you get the services you actually need from them? 
  • Begin to brainstorm about what the perfect team looks like for your workplace. Could a single new hire re-invigorate the team, or become a vital cog in the wheel? 

You might be surprised at how even just one change, for a bit of effort, can transform and headline the year. So, get your thinking cap on and make 2021 a lot better than 2020. Which really shouldn’t be that hard, but why not make sure of it!

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